Whitelist registration on MXF Platform starts at Quarter 1 of 2019

Official MXF Platform ICO website: https://marginfunding.net

Everyone dreams of investing huge in any field they can. And one of the best areas to invest today is in cryptocurrency. Smart assets, trading, exchanges and many other opportunities based on the blockchain technology have made things quite easy today.

However, just like any other venture, getting the right tools to start can be a challenge. For beginners, capital is the greatest challenge.

Luckily, margin funding has been introduced to give traders the much needed starting capital. With it, anyone with an idea has the opportunity to build something for themselves and make a good profit.

In blockchain, such is a service from the Margin Funding Platform {MXF}. This is a p2p platform build on the Ethereum smart contracts. This is a platform of its kind, being the first on the market.

It is fully decentralized, without any form of censorship and with global accessibility. Wherever in the world, central custodians of money will find east move off. As if that is not enough, this is the platform where lenders meet borrowers. They can increase liquidity and decrease prices for margin funding.

What is MXF platform bringing to the table?

Even though most all blockchain related services are thought to be decentralized, most are not. MXF is one among the few web-based platforms that are fully decentralized. This makes it a platform to trust.

As cryptocurrency exchanges grow, they need cryptocurrency to fund their operations. As you can imagine, margin funding is not a joke. One needs as many funds as they can get to the work going.  They need funding to facilitate operation and offer better leverage to traders.

Where do cryptocurrencies get such funds? The funds come from other big players in the market who provide financial support.

MXF helps exchanges to request margin funding. In simple terms, they borrow cryptocurrencies from cryptocurrency owners willing to lend. The platform allows lenders choose the best bid from which they can reap maximum profits. Once they find a good place to put their coins, smart contracts are engaged to seal the deals.

Brought together trades come with so many weaknesses. Such loopholes make it hard for players to trust each other. In this to make things easier, MXF creates a worldwide loaning pool. One of the advantageous of the platform is that it is bolstered by members. It is completely transparent.

It has relayers and wranglers are key players. Lenders with ideas use the relayers to contribute. Then the exchanges can invest the acquired assets through margin trading and reimburse the lenders with profits.

Margin trading at a glance

Any lender holding crypto assets like Bitcoin or Altcoin can either add influencing through margin trading, or through position. Margin trading means you trust your assets to trading experts. They will use you investment for business then share the benefits with you.

But is it not something for everyone. One must be aware of the high risks involved and be ready to lose. However, there are many advantages of such trading, including:

Leveraging on your assets

Under normal trading, you can only buy Bitcoin you can afford. Margin trading on the hand allows you to buy more than what you could on cash-basis.  This gives you a great opportunity to leverage your gains.

Many trading opportunities are presented

There are a lot of trading opportunities that arise in the cryptosphere, some of which you might not even be aware of. Since you will be working with experts, you can benefit from them. And you don’t even need to get cash from other sources.

Grow your portfolio

A hedged or diversified portfolio gives you access to more and better opportunities than a normal account. You have an opportunity to diversify your portfolio even when you are working with a few crypto coins.

On other side, a diversified portfolio may require hedging. You have option to bring your trading needs to where you expect them to be.

Borrow at a lower interest and invest for higher revenue

This process is known as carry trade and is one of the best ways to earn from bitcoin. It has been used to a large extend on the crypto market, and can be harnessed in the same manner.

What problems in margin trading does MXF seek to address

Just like any other good investment opportunities, there are problems in margin trading too. Cryptocurrency exchanges still have constrained open doors for such trading. No one seems to be willing to go an extra mile in terms of service deliver. Very few try it but end up with poor execution.

Apart from that, you don’t have much of a say on how the game goes. You accept whatever comes your way as the profits. There are very few exchanges who can provide margin trading anyway; mainly because of the high leverages.

There are many other issues in the venture. Through MXF, they will be solved through different means, including:

  • Users to access huge amounts of funds
  • Better security solutions
  • Cover for huge appétit of interest among investors
  • Make margin trading easy and accessible. This includes increasing the range of crypto assets.
  • Increase user profits


MFX gives you the power to stay comfortable through the trading process. And if you are interested in joining the team, we anticipate an ICO to start in June.

But you don’t have to wait until then. If you are an early bird, registration starts in May 2019 or June 2019. These early registration come with “promoter status” benefits. This one comes with huge bonuses.

Final thought

If these solutions come through, the MXF will have achieved something no else could think of. Judging from the company’s roadmap since it was launched in 2017, you can simply see great potential it has. This is where the future of cryptocurrency trading lies and only those who are aggressive enough will seize the opportunity.