Dear Kudi Community,

It is with great pleasure to announce the release of First Kudi app version 10.0.11 with various updates including personal bank accounts with the click of a button!

Through our work with Providus Bank — one of Nigeria’s leading banks — the First Kudi app can now literally bank the unbanked and provide customers with an incredibly fast solution for depositing/withdrawing Naira into their Kudi accounts.

No more long waits for deposits and withdrawals. No more hassles with slow and expensive bank apps.

With First Kudi, you now have your own bank account, instant payments, investment platform, and merchant services — all in one!

In this article, we explain the benefits of your personal bank account and how to set it up.

The Benefits of Your Personal Bank Account

All First Kudi users now automatically have a bank account number at Providus Bank associated with their First Kudi account.

Users can send money to that bank account and it will be come immediately available in their First Kudi wallet!

Once Naira is deposited into your First Kudi wallet, it can be sent to anyone around the world through What’s App, used to invest in Bitcoin, or even to buy goods and services at any of the hundreds of First Kudi approved merchants!

With our all-in-one banking and payments solution, there is no reason to leave the Fist Kudi app!

How It Works

The below images provide a clear understanding of how easy it is to create your own bank account with Providus Bank through the First Kudi app.

Simply download First Kudi, create an account, and you will automatically be assigned a bank account at Providus!

Use your bank account number to deposit money instantly into your First Kudi wallet for absolutely free. Deposits now only takes only a few seconds! And is available to everyone. The Providus Bank integration also helps to eliminate attempted fraud, which can occur when using credit or debit cards.

Here’s how it looks within the app.

Additional Updates:

  • Add support for personal Naira bank accounts
  • Request PIN code on startup and when the app is moved to the background
  • Allow biometrics to be used instead of PIN
  • Bug fixes

What’s Next for First Kudi

We continue to work on adding Ethereum (ETH) and Ferrum Network Token (FRM) to the app, and introducing the Kudi bank card, as well as the major rebrand with brand new UI and designs. We are getting closer by the day and can’t wait to reveal it all to you!

Also, don’t forget to take advantage of our new referral rewards system where you can earn bitcoin just for referring friends and family to the app!

Thank you for your continued support of First Kudi.

Yours truly,

First Kudi Team


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