GHT token (Groovy Hooman Token) hasn’t had much press for the past year or so. With crypto regulatory clarity being snail pace slow, GHT token has just been sitting patiently on the sidelines waiting and anticipating some sort of regulatory certainty. GHT management began watching other behemoth crypto’s in the space plead with Congress and FI’s for permission to exist (in a permissionless-based community). Who would’ve thunk, right? Since inception GHT token has been listed on, and ranked on both Coingecko and Blockfolio. GHT has had two successful airdrops in 2019 releasing over 9,000,000 of it’s 74,000,000 tokens to air drop participants. GHT token has also grown a decent size community on Telegram during the last 12 months (@groovytoken on Telegram).

Sure, GHT token naturally would benefit from working with FI’s, Banks, and Regulators but by the time it’s all said and done most crypto projects, especially small ones like GHT won’t have the sustaining power once regulatory framework meets operation guidelines and restrictions. GHT  could offer on demand liquidity, but to whom, street pharmacists? GHT token would naturally take a different approach in the crypto space if given the chance by financial institutions and the like. Most programmers that GHT token management spoke with are either non-knowledgable of crypto or nervous to program within the crypto space due to lack of regulation. Sad, actually.  GHT token which is an ERC-20 would scale faster by not bombarding the crypto community with a bunch of press releases, YouTube hooplah or positioning itself of multiple exchanges. In fact to date GHT token is traded on one small exchange called Etherflyer as aforementioned (and fork delta). GHT token would benefit by positioning itself like XRP as a bridge asset (the first thought was GHT token becoming a bridge asset for the cannabis community and cannabis dispensaries) for mom and pop stores who find it difficult to get liquidity from banks. Perhaps even becoming the bank of GHT for lending purposes? Hmmmm, anyone interested yet?

On another note, with tokens like Acoin (a token whose goal is to run an entire city in Africa), GHT token may best serve the new financial system by morphing into a philanthropic token. Serving more as a token for the have nots, and the marginalized if you will. Next option, with Stellar being such a sure thing to most of it’s crypto hodlers, GHT token partnering with another company, then branching off once it reached maturity could give those interested in the Groovy Hooman brand the time and ability to develop a bridge asset ecosystem around the token. With regulatory uncertainty and the current economic downturn, GHT token wants hodlers to know that we are constantly looking at the best way to scale. We want transparency and accountability from all crypto projects, espcially the whale projects.

GHT token is currently seeking input and volunteers from the crypto community at large on helping us to merge with the XRPL.(XRP Ledger), as well as the most effective ways to build a worldclass ecosystem for our token to gain momentum and long-term profitability for any token hodlers. GHT is available on  with Ethereum as a trading pair. Please support our struggling token.


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