G9tro Tokens Are Approved on Invexcoin Exchange!

Invexcoin Exchange is run by Mr. Alberto Diaz has been the CEO of his own companies for more than 20 years. He is currently the Co-Founder and CEO of INVEXCOIN S.A.P.I. DE C.V. Mexico’s third Federally Regulated Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets Exchange. Invexcoin holds major operations licenses pertaining to our industry, including the only Anti Money Laundering Certification amongst its peers.

Invexcoin is currently holding licenses in good standings from IPAB and CONDUCEF making Invexcoin the most secure and trustworthy Exchange in all of the North Central and South of Americas.

Invexcoin is also in partnership with Coinbase.com and fully licensed by the Federal Government of Mexico.
Why g9Tro is going on Public Exchange?
G9tro tokens fund and support 4 major projects, namely go9trowireless.com, go9tro.io, go9trowallet.io.go9troadz.io.
Go9Tro Wireless is an IoT Solutions provider that empowers people to share data solutions and earn g9tro tokens for registering with the got9ro Wireless IoT gateways.
Go9Tro Wireless also funds g9Tro tokens with monthly revenue from customers in Canada, Japan and USA who use their electricity and gas services for residential and commercial applications.

Go9tro is a real community of over 500 and growing cryptocurrency enthusiast who are helping people around the world see the benefits of g9tro tokens as a means to include the 3 Billion unbankable people around the world.
G9Tro tokens on the Invexcion public exchange can offer public tokens as a means to finance non- profits, and charities which can insure g9tro tokens can represent as much as $380 Billion dollars of the unbanked economy globally.
Go9tro Wireless will donate an anonymous number of tokens quarterly to selected Non-Profits.

Go9Tro Wireless is deploying LoRan Wan gateways in 30 countries at this time to create the largest LoRan Network in the World. People are earning g9tro tokens for data validations globally and for their own electrical usage in Canada, Japan, and the USA.
Go9trto’s mission is to build the largest IoT network in the world which will connect the last mile to over 1.8 Billion people who do not have IDs.
Invexcoin Exchange goes live first quarter of 2021 and g9tro is represented on their website as a support publicly traded token.

Go9tro with this new approval will quickly become a IoT industry leader in over 50 countries at the end of 2022.