Lagos, Nigeria — Ferrum Network, a next generation decentralized network for high-speed, low cost cross-chain transactions, was voted the unanimous winner of crypto influencer and blockchain evangelist Ian Balina’s ICO pitch competition. As a result, Ferrum Network will get an AMA with Ian Balina, and will be featured on his ICO spreadsheet. The AMA will be held on January 11, 2019 at 4:00 PM EST. 

While in Nigeria to initiate the pilot launch of Kudi Exchange — a fiat-to-crypto exchange and wallet powered by Ferrum Network —  Ian Friend, Esq., Co-Founder and COO of Ferrum Network, was invited to the Lagos stop of Ian Balina’s Crypto World Tour. Ferrum Network, along with 6 other blockchain start-ups, gave a two minute pitch to a panel of judges, including Chuta Chimezie of Paxful, Inc., Diego Lara of 100X Advisors, and Ian Balina himself. Based on the judge’s criteria of technology, products, team, and token metrics, Ferrum Network was voted as the unanimous winner.

“We have been working tirelessly for the past 9 months building a groundbreaking network to enable the lightning fast peer-to-peer exchange any digital asset, for near-zero network fees. Ferrum Network’s first products, a decentralized wallet and decentralized exchange, will compete with the best-centralized alternatives, but without holding user’s assets. And Kudi Exchange will give hundreds of millions of people in West Africa a simple way to purchase and transact digital assets faster and cheaper than ever before. We are thrilled that the judges recognized not only our technology and our team, but also our $6 million dollar hard cap, and commitment to organic community growth”, said Ian Friend following the event.

From the left: Ugo Nduaguba of 100X Advisors, Diego Lara of 100X Advisors, Ian Balina, Ian Friend of Ferrum Network, Emeka Enu of TLG Ventures

Emeka Enu of TLG Ventures, who co-sponsored the event along with KuCoin, said “as an advisor and early investor in Ferrum Network, I am very excited that they won the competition, but not at all surprised. This is a superstar project that has been working very hard behind the scenes building real products with real use cases, and have a long term vision for success. Today’s victory is just the start. I expect Ferrum Network to make a huge impact in 2019 and beyond.”

Ian Balina’s spreadsheet review of Ferrum Network will be released sometime in early 2019, and the Ferrum Network founders — Naiem Yeganeh, PhD, and Ian Friend, Esq., will be answering questions live with Ian Balina on January 11, 2019 at 4:00 PM EST.