The Davinci Coin (DAC) was issued by the Davinci Foundation, the foundation is jointly established in Korea and China. It was newly listed on the global cryptocurrency exchange, Bithumb, on January 31st.

In commemoration of Davinci’s listing, Bithumb stated that it will hold an airdrop event from January 31st to February 1st until midnight.

Bithumb stated that airdrop will be conducted with Ethereum (ETH) and will be distributed on February 19. Detailed information about the event can be found on the Bithumb homepage.

According to Fei Xiao Hao, the biggest cryptocurrency information site in China, the daily trading volume of DAC surpassed 35 million dollars and has ranked 20th in the world.

This record exceeded the transaction volume of all token exchanges’ including BNB, a token issued by Binance, and Bitcoin SV, which is at the peak of the cryptocurrency market.
Davinci Foundation, issuer of the Davinci Coin (DAC), was founded in Singapore in 2017 and is jointly established by companies, venture capitalists, and business association of Korea and China.

Seungjae Han, a former CEO of Digitaloptics, a KOSDAQ listed company, and CIO Jinsuk Ko, a prominent figure in Korea’s AI industry, lead the business. The foundation aims to promote cultural exchange and to invigorate industrial ecosystems at the civilian level by providing Davinci Platform that is connected with the Davinci Coin (DAC) and based on blockchain technology.

As a digital asset that combines artificial intelligence and big data technologies, Davinci Coin is expected to be used in diverse fields such as cultural contents, assets, finance, and the Internet of Things. In addition, DAC is highly expected to become a major coin in the near future because despite the situation where a sudden price drop of bitcoin negatively affects the overall cryptocurrency market, the transaction volume of DAC was increased significantly and the value of DAC was also surged by 53.74 percent.

According to Haeman Jung, chief advisor of Davinci Foundation, “the global network business will begin this year, and Davinci Foundation will lead the development of global FinTech and blockchain industries through Davinci Coin’s global network. In addition, the second line-up of Davinci Foundation will be soon made to the public and will accelerate its full-scale business. To enhance accessibility and convenience as a global digital asset and to construct a universal digital asset network, the foundation completed to build cooperation
lineup for Davinci ecosystem business with authorities from all around the world. Davinci Foundation keeps preparing carefully to be listed on trusted exchanges in various countries and is discussing the listing with domestic and international cryptocurrency exchanges. The listing will be proceeded sequentially depending on the schedule of the foundation.”

Unprecedented as cryptocurrency issuer, Davinci Foundation successfully held the Davinci Global Cryptocurrency Exchange Conference with many celebrations from political and financial figures including Congressman Mu Seong Kim (member of Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee), Congressman Sun Dong Kim (member of Special Committee on Budget and Accounts), Congresswoman Hee Kyung Song (Co-founder of Forth Industrial Revolution Forum), and Congressman San Jin Shin (previously Chairman of Science, ICT Broadcasting, and Communication Committee). The foundation also received global attention by holding the conference, since it was the first conference in the world that 10 major cryptocurrency exchanges attended including (world exchange ranking 2nd), Okex (world exchange ranking 3rd), Bit-Z (world exchange ranking 5th), Coinbene (world exchange ranking 6th), and ZBG (world exchange ranking 7th).

Chanku Sim