CCOIN is a cryptocurrency, founded in July 2016, encoded and developed by Alexandru Marius Stratulat (see LinkedIn, Wikipedia), in Solidity (programming language created in the Ethereum network), originally as a fuel (fuel in the following lines) that will “fuel” transactions specific to the cryptocurrency exchangers (currently around 70), fuel used to absorb and pay the fees required in such transactions, from the taxes created by each cryptocurrency, to the fees required by each company behind the exchangers.

This initial purpose of being another cryptocurrency exchanger, with a precise purpose to cancel the transaction fees, was upgraded to meet that “taboo”, “impossible” at this time, in the classical financial transactions, the one in which CCOIN will be used to cancel commissions for transfer transactions between people (similar to Western Union, MoneyGram, Westaco Express), but also to discount any invoice, also without a commission, through the invoice payment system.

At the sale of CCOIN, these CCOIN network systems will be functional, but we will keep them limited for the entire Beta period, for 6 months, only to perfect the system and expand it globally without the inherent errors.

During this period, we will consult and agree with the legislation of other countries, so that we can lead our solution to our ideal, spreading it across all continents.

The CCOIN creation system is ERC20, part of Ethereum, the awarded quantity being limited to 63,009,000 CCOs.

The difference to other cryptocurrency, as well as the decision to pre-mine it, is caused by the need to fully use the whole system as a fuel, for the cancellation of the fees and the discount on the invoices.

Below we provide the concrete data on how to divide it, as well as some details.

* The first part, representing 1/3 and 21,003,000, respectively, will be used to pay the development costs to the entire team, as well as the high costs of legalizing the currency and all the services in the ecosystem, the necessary hardware, the salaries, the logistics, the ambassadors, the promotion costs, as well as the bounty system.

* The second part, 2/3 of the currency, will be fully available for the sales program (ICO), that will be available globally to any individual or entity.

The CCOIN sale program will be announced 30 days in advance on the CCOIN NETWORK web sites, also on the related applications.

The ICO period will be 45 days, as follows:

  • In the first 15 days, the price of one CCO unit will be $ 3.00, we will limit the amount of CCO purchased on a single account to 100,000 CCOs, but we will not limit a buyer to an established number by accounts; these conditions are for all 45 days during the sale period.

If a client wants to purchase more than 100,000/ account, a waiver can be expressly requested from the rule by direct contact with us.

  • In the second part of the sale, namely day 15-30, the price will be raised to $ 3.50 / CCO.
  • On the 3rd part, and the last of the ICO, day 30-45, the price will be set to $ 4.00 / CCO.

If we close the sale without the total depletion of the 21,003,000 CCOs, the remaining amount will be available on the web site, but the price will be set at an average price / CCO reported to the big market exchangers.

* The 3rd part of the issued CCOs, 3/3 will only be used to fuel the payment and the money transfer system between people.

Here, the total amount of CCOs, meaning 21,003,000 CCOs, will be available and tradable according to the details displayed on our web sites as well as on the applications (AtmPay, AtmI, CCOIN Wallet).

The amount of CCOs used in the two systems was evaluated at approx. $ 84,012,000, the calculation was made at the last sale period quotation, day 30-45 at $ 4.00.

CCOIN ecosystem
As shown in the first part of the White Paper, CCO is the Fuel in this financial ecosystem, created on the basis of the cryptocurrency, without fees, safe (here the encryption level is 512 bytes, compared to 128 bytes of the banks and other financial institutions, as the standard), as harmonized as possible (here changes can be made depending on the country where we operate and the related legislation), but CCOIN will not, in any way, request personal data.

About CCOIN: